What Does it Take to Deliver a True TV Everywhere Experience?

The Road to ‘True TV Everywhere’

As the ever-expanding proliferation of connected devices and multiscreen viewing continues to surge, a growing number of service providers are actively exploring the concept of serving multiple video screens in and outside the home – but not without limitation. While TV Everywhere offers a number of strategic and financial benefits, today’s early multiscreen video services have strict functional, operational and business limitations that hold back their vast potential in this still-evolving market.

Brought to you by Quickplay, Heavy Reading’s Aditya Kishore and Alan Breznick explore what it takes to deliver a true TV Everywhere experience. Covering key topics as content, functionality, delivery systems and monetization, this white paper will delve into the current limitations and challenges faced by service providers and recommended steps that providers can take now to realize a true ‘TV Everywhere’ service.

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